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Nagru: Urban storage. isn't rapidshare or tinypic. We do Free File Hosting though. We won't be letting people upload files from their pc on to our servers, for free for all use. We'll be a more private, more controllable, more small-scale storage facility for all of the people we will be working with. The good thing is, that also means high-quality, long term, high-bandwith storage for those privileged partners...

Who will we be working with?
Creative people, creative designers, friendly people looking for storage, friends, ... We'll try to host files for anyone, really. We have quite a few terabytes a month spare traffic-wise, but we won't be pushing our limits... We'll keep the circle privat when it comes to Free File Hosting. We'll pick the sites we want to work with with care.

Illegal content?
Never. We'll scan everything. We can pretty much guarantee no illegal content will see our server. If however you ended up here because you feel our domain name was storing illegal files, please let us know ASAP (nagru at so we can take action and delete it.

You want storage?
Well, think first. Do you really want Free File Hosting? We won't allow you FTP access. We won't allow you direct access to our server what so ever to be honest. We do provide long-term storage, though.... Have a question? Contact us!

Some sites hosted by Nagru.Com servers
These are some of the sites we host for our friends and partners:

  1. Jewelry Party Plans

  2. Beachwear .cc

  3. Wedding Abroad

  4. Limos for Sale

  5. Microkini

  6. Titanium Jewelry

  7. Free Flood Insurance Quotes

(nagru at

Free File Hosting

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